Welcome to Season 6! So what are we trying to do here anyway? Also, where have we been???

Thank you for your interest in Living In Carver County Minnesota and our hyper-local podcast. What started as a bit of a lark is now in season 6 and we've been humbled by your feedback and inspired by your feedback and guest recommendations. Our lofty objectives are to educate listeners about local events, happenings and introduce them to the people who make them happen. We try to do that in an informal and hopefully entertaining way, we are not “60 Minutes” so we don't try and trip people up to make them look bad, but we do try and go beyond a Facebook Meme or a bumper sticker and ask the questions you would ask if you were sitting down for coffee. Lastly, we hope to inspire you to get engaged and maybe even involved in Carver County organizations, activities and for you to make your difference.

This season we have some wonderful guests who have already agreed to talk and of course we are always looking for interesting people, stories and causes, so please reach out to me with YOUR ideas. Greg 🙂

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