An insider's conversation with the people who make Carver County the best place to live, work and raise a family

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Doug and Lynn Nodland- Sharing a lifetime of wisdom

Have you ever read those thoughtful editorials about the human condition in the Chaska Herald or Chanhassen Villager? — Send in a voice message:

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Erika Rivera Kennedy- A story of perseverance and growth

Erika has a compelling story filled with overcoming adversity, perseverance, grit and a sense of being part of something bigger than one’s self. Hers is the story of an...

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City of Carver Mayor Courtney Johnson on managing growth

If you haven’t been to Carver in the past year or so, you will be blown away with the construction, both commercial and residential. We have Carver Mayor Courtney...

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Carver County Sherriff Jason Kamerud talks policing in MN in 2024

Policing has changed radically over the past several years. Bad policing makes the news and affects public opinion, making a hard job, even harder to do and a challenge...

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Chaska City Manager Matt Podhradsky talks about the massive changes in Chaska during the past 12 months

Chaska City Manager Matt Podhradsky discusses the recent improvements to Hwy 41 and the impact to local businesses including Cooper’s Grocery Store. We discuss the role and limitations cities...

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Eckankar-What is it? What do they believe? David Maloney and Heather Davari share their journeys

Did you know the worldwide headquarters of a faith organization is located here in Eastern Carver County? The Eckankar Temple is that huge piece of land located at Hwy...

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