Dean Hilgers is a life long Waconia resident.  He started off working part time at the local Ford dealership while in school and then became a sales associate and within a very short period of time, one of Ford’s youngest dealership owners.  He ran Waconia Ford for 25 years and grew it to over 150 employees.  I suspect a big part of his success was his humility and willingness to give recognition to mentors and team members as he did often in this interview.
After selling the dealership, Dean made a major life decision and went back to graduate school. He also started developing land and dove head first into serving the community through his involvement with various organizations.  He and his wife both have a passion for Waconia, Carver County and are committed to leaving a legacy of making things better for all who follow.  Please enjoy this wonderful conversation with a great guy. Also, be sure and visit: www.

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