Tom Workman, District 2 Carver County Commissioner (Chanhassen/ Victoria)

Tom Workman is a long time political guy who served on Chanhassen City Council, at the state legislature and for the past several years as a Carver County Commissioner.  (District 2 includes Chan 1a, 1b, 2a and 3 plus Victoria ward 1.)  Tom is a fun guy to talk to because he doesn’t hedge about what he is thinking.  He’s pretty outspoken on lots of topics, so no matter if you agree with him or not, you will know where he stands.  He is also passionate about transportation, mental health and something really important given all the recent rainy days; Mosquito Control. This is part 1 of our discussion. We ran out of time so he will be on another episode to finish up but in the meantime, enjoy our conversation.  

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