Sue Schmidt, Lead Teacher at New Beginnings helps young Moms prepare for their new world

My guest this episode is Sue Schmidt.  Sue is with New Beginnings and it is one of those places you’ve maybe noticed out of the corner of your eye and you maybe thought it must just be another day care place.  It is far more than that and we are fortunate to have the facility located in our community.  Sue Schmidt is the lead teacher at New Beginnings, a place for young teen Moms to get educated on everything from pre-natal care to parenting skills, personal finances and of course getting the classwork completed to graduate.  Started in the late 1970’s initially just teaching life skills and later evolving into a full blown alternative school, New Beginnings has a proven success record for helping to mold confident, successful young women. I was surprised how rare this type of program is given the obvious need and benefit to a community.  Sue is one of those in the trenches everyday people who make our community strong.  To find out more, visit

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