“Motch Across America”- Why is this mostly sane, generally happy, couple bicycling all the way across America???

John & Kim Motchenbacher are in the midst of riding their bicycles across America.  They started in Oregon and will eventually end in Virginia in several weeks.  The trip is to raise awareness and funds for Lobular Breast Cancer.  I’ve included links to their web site for a daily blog update, a link to their Facebook page and of course to their charity’s web site.  
What I was more interested in discussing though was the why and how of such an endeavor.  How did you decide?  What was the preparation like? How did you clear the space in your lives to take several months off?  So many people aspire to go off on some grand adventure.  Maybe to travel in South America, maybe to live in a van and visit all the National Parks, or perhaps to back pack across Europe.  What prevents people from acting on their big goals?  John and Kim share how they arrived at a place where they were able to act.  They discuss what they’ve learned about themselves, each other and about seeing the country at 10 miles per hour. (On a good day).  They are a delightful couple and were a blast to visit with.  I plan to do a follow up episode in a few weeks to see how things are progressing and what new distinctions they have made about life on the road.  
I hope you enjoy this visit as much as I did doing it.   
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