Matt Podhradsky, City Manager of Chaska talks about Critical Infrastructures- Could we end up like Texas was in Feb 2021?

In Feb of 2021 the US had a record cold spell that caused massive power outages across the country forcing rolling blackouts.  No state was as profoundly affected as Texas.  As we watched on TV and talked to friends (I used to live there and have many friends there still) we were horrified at the lack of critical action.  My wife asked me if I thought we should be more prepared for something like that happening here.  Based on my knowledge of how our city was positioned, I wasn’t as concerned as she was at that point.  As I started thinking about more recent events like massive cyber breaches across many government agencies and the recent hack of a water plant in FL, I started having more and more questions.  Matt Podhradsky has been the City Manager for Chaska for several years and with Chaska having it’s own power generators, I thought he would be able to shed some light on how the power grids work, how Carver County functions and how these threats are being planned for and addressed.  People don’t think about infrastructure; roads, sewer and water, electricity, gas until there is a problem and as Texas discovered, it is way too late.  Please enjoy our conversation.

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