Lyndon Robjent- Director of Public Works and County Engineer talks about ROADS (and parks and trails)

We are going to talk about transportation. Okay, don’t check out on this episode because this was a really interesting talk about the complexities of building and maintaining the critical transportation requirements of the state’s fastest growing county.  We had a real expert and we were able to get into the weeds a little bit and I learned a lot on this talk.  Lyndon Robjent has a fascinating back story and ton of experience.  He has become an expert in finding, applying for and getting as much outside money as possible to help the county take the lead with other stakeholders (cities, townships and the state) in making our roads the best in the state.  He also shares the county’s priories’ with the County Parks and trail systems.  Lyndon is a knowledgeable and talented public servant and I’m really happy he is on our team.  To see plans for the Waconia Park we discussed, visit the county webs site at:

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