Len Simich- CEO of SW Transit talks about his legacy and some of the cool stuff they have in the works

Len Simich Chief Executive Officer Len Simich has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Southwest Transit Commission since 1997. He has received numerous awards for his personal and academic achievements including being selected as the Minnesota Transit Professional of the year, and one of the top 40 business leaders in the Twin Cities by the Minneapolis – St. Paul Magazine. Under his leadership SW has grown into a thriving enterprise beyond just a bus company branching into real estate development, short trip ride providers and a leader in green innovation. Len is passing the torch at the end of Feb but will remain a leader in the community. Len describes SW Prime is one of those innovative services that allow eastern Carver County to be a place for everyone regardless of what stage of life there are in currently. Please enjoy this loaded conversation. Also- be sure and download the SW Prime app if you or anyone you care about needs transportation to shopping or Dr appts.

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