Kaycee Stanley- Founder of The REEL HOPE Project talks about their group’s efforts to help kids find their “Forever Family” and out of Foster Care

I just love this what this organization is doing to help kids who have been permanently removed from their birth parents by protective services and who are currently in Foster Care, waiting to find their “Forever Family”. They do this by producing an individual video that showcases these kids with their personalities and interests out front and center.  These REELS are then shared on social media, with church groups and service organizations with the goal of helping make connections for the kids with would be adoptive families.
Kaycee Stanley started THE REEL HOPE Project during her time working as a youth pastor in Elk River and now it is a thriving entity with over 300 kids featured.  She also speaks about the foster care system and the societal challenges posed by kids who become adults and don’t have family as a life base.  The numbers she shared are staggering about people in the penial system, in abusive relationships and more about how they themselves can end up having kids entering the foster care system. These kids do not have what so many of us take for granted.
You can find out more by visiting their web site at or on social @reel_hope

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