Jennifer Spalding, estate attorney discusses “How to get your S#@t together” ( My description, not hers)

I know thinking about your will is one of those things that is easy to push down the road and deal with “Some Day.”  The problem is if you are ONE DAY LATE, things can be a real mess! With many of us dealing with elderly parents, boomerang children and the fact that we are all growing older, this estate planning stuff is something that is simply too important to not have handled correctly.
Jennifer is a terrific attorney with Chestnut Cambronne, a downtown law firm and she specializes in estate planning. Jennifer also has an office here in Chaska.
Many people think that estate planning is only for people who have big bucks. That is a big mistake that has real serious and negative impact on your loved ones if something were to ever happen to you. In this conversation, he discusses what we called; “The minimum effective dose” for responsible adults to have in place and although costs can vary, it is surprisingly inexpensive, especially compared to the huge expense of not having something proper completed.
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Please note: this content is for information purposes only and is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Be sure and call her and have it done right; your family is counting on you! 😉

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