Jay Rohe, former Chaska Councilman and upcoming Mayoral Candidate talks Chaska, leadership and civility

My guest is Jay Rohe, who has been a fixture in local Chaska politics for the last 20 years. We talk about his early days on city council, the lessons learned from his two failed attempts at mayor, and his reelection to council followed by his resignation after moving out of the ward. Jay has had lots of learning opportunities. As he has matured and become more reflective, he has also developed a new sense of purpose for serving the community of Chaska. He is now planning on running for mayor next year once again but he believes he is now coming at the position with a better and more correct objective of service of the broader community. I have known Jay for many years and can sense his new found clarity and purpose that maybe was less focused years ago. Hopefully we all get wiser with age and more life experience. Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation.

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