Jason Schmucker, Managing Editor, Sun Patriot Newspaper (Waconia Patriot)

What is the real value of small town newspapers? Can’t we just get our local news on Facebook or Instagram? Abraham Lincoln said it best; “Half of everything you read on the internet is false” ūüôā ¬†Local news plays an important part in our communities. The things that get reported locally have a more profound impact on citizen’s lives than anything happening in Washington or on the national news media. ¬†How does a citizen become knowledgeable about candidates running in races that actually affect our day to day lives?¬†City councils, mayors, school districts, county sheriffs and county attorneys have way more impact on day to day life here in Carver County than some obscure election in another state.¬†
The local news “Eco System” covers 8 areas of focus covered by local newspapers, radio and cable access-
1. Emergency/ public safety 
2. Health and Safety
3. Education
4. Economic opportunities
5. Transportation
6. Environment
7. Civic Life
8. Politics
In researching for this interview, I discovered many things we discuss that should be of equal concern to the Right and the Left.  Newspapers inform, hold people accountable and protect democracy.  
Jason weighs in about the impact the Waconia Patriot and other local papers fulfill an important part in our community. Please subscribe to your local paper.

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