Ellie Krug- Changing the world with empathy, compassion and inclusion

My guest this episode is Victoria resident Ellie Krug.  Ellie is a former trial attorney, book author, public speaker, podcaster, radio show host and transgender woman.  After making the difficult decision to live as her true, authentic self, she had to re-invent herself in almost every aspect of life.  She moved to Minnesota to start over dedicating her life to one of service.  Recent political changes in Iowa made moving back problematic and so Ellie decided to establish roots in Minnesota and she recently moved to Carver County to have a more rural type of surrounding.  Her life is now devoted to sharing her story and life lessons about what she calls “Gray Area Thinking” with service groups, churches, and both large and small corporations.  Her message is one of acceptance of self, compassion for others and for oneself, and that we are all much more alike than different. She believes in the power of human familiarity–that by really getting to know each other on a personal, human to human level, we can be a better community for everyone.
To find out more about Ellie’s work and or to book her for a speaking engagement, visit- Her memoir, Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty and Gender Change, is available on Amazon, Kindle Nook, and Apple iBook. If your book club reads Ellie’s book, she will speak to the club (either in-person or virtually) at no charge.

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