Clint Mack- Supervisor with Carver County FOSTER CARE talks about the acute need today for foster families here in Carver County.

Have you ever thought about being a foster parent? Good 🙂

Carver County Foster Care Supervisor Clint Mack explains what the needs are here and how you can be a foster parent so you can support kids and families. Opportunities beyond being a host family include being a “respite care” family who helps out when a break is needed. One other very cool way to help is through “Forgotten Initiative” where you can support families with gifts of meals and gift cards to help offset the stress of a family transitioning to sometimes a multiple child family all at once.

We also discuss how kids end up in the program and what the objectives are for reuniting families going through tough times. There’s real need here and we want to be on the solution side of things.

Visit care for details about how your family can help.

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