Clark Machtemes, teacher, musician, farmer and all around renaissance guy

Clark’s bio on his Facebook page gives a brief sneak peak of what’s behind the Front man for the popular local music group Traveled Ground. ( Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Teacher, Farmer and Traveler. Founder of Traveled Ground)  
Clark is a long time teacher at Waconia High School, (although not music) a maple syrup farmer, a talented songwriter (which we get a look behind the curtain on that process in this interview) and the founder and lead signer.  He has toured nationally with Crystal Gayle as well as numerous other performers before coming back home to Waconia to marry and settle  down and raise a family.  He went back and got a teaching certificate and has been teaching young minds for over 30 years.  His main passion is music and he and the band played over 50 gigs in 2020 despite being hampered by the pandemic.  
Clark is smart, funny and a fantastic story teller.  Please enjoy this wide ranging discussion with one of Carver County’s originals. Clark was exactly the type of person I had in mind when we started this podcast experiment about giving a voice not just to elected officials and business people but also to ordinary people who just happen to be extraordinary. 

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