City of Victoria Mayor Deb McMillan gives a 2021 update

Guess what Carver County city will have the largest population according to the 2040 Comprehensive Plans? I know it is hard to imagine that when you drive through the current downtown which has become Carver County’s unofficial Friday and Saturday night Hot Spot over the past few years.   Victoria has been mostly a bedroom community  for many years but with expansion into the township, and the ongoing demand for housing, Victoria will have massive growth over the next 20 years.  Mayor Deb McMillan leads a team that is plotting a course to manage that growth.  Blessed with acres of parklands, Deer Run Golf Course, rolling farmland and miles of trails, the city is mindful that they need to get this right.  Deb is a cheer leader and tireless advocate for Victoria and her passion comes through in our talk.  Please enjoy this episode with Mayor Deb McMillan.

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