City of Carver Mayor Courtney Johnson (Round 2)

If you have driven on Jonathon Carver Parkway South of Hwy 212 in the past few months, you know Carver is experiencing a building boom.  A new elementary school, a brand new Kwik Trip and several hundred new homes all seemed to have popped up over night.  The small downtown is also having a resurgence with several new businesses.  We get to hear from Mayor Courtney Johnson discuss what’s happening, what is on the horizon and some of the challenges with rapid growth and keeping folks happy.  She is positive, upbeat and determined to make Carver a great town.  This is Courtney’s 2nd time on the pod cast and she is really a fun person to visit with about community.  She is also very accessible and even gives out her personal mobile phone number.  (Take that Jacob Frey :-0 )  Please enjoy this episode with Mayor Courtney Johnson.

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