Carver County Sherriff Jason Kamerud talks policing in MN in 2024

Policing has changed radically over the past several years. Bad policing makes the news and affects public opinion, making a hard job, even harder to do and a challenge to recruit new officers.
Given the fact that the Carver County Sheriff's Department are responsible for policing everywhere in Carver County except Chaska, we thought an update from Carver County Sherriff Jason Kamerud was due.

Jason is a lifelong Carver County resident and is fully invested in the community. He talks about recent challenges and the proactive way the department is addressing those issues. As our area continues to grow, the spotlight will get even brighter. Innovations and strategic thinking will make all the difference. We hope you enjoy this fast paced conversations with Sherriff Jason Kamerud. (This episode was recorded before the Burnsville shootings. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this terrible and senseless tragedy)

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