Carver County Commissioner District 1 Candidate Q&A with Gayle Degler & Lisa Anderson

“Elections matter” seems to be plastered all over the media these days.  The elections that have the most direct impact on the day to day lives of voters are arguably the local races such as city council, school board seats and county commissioners.  You get taxed, you get services.  In Eastern Carver County, one of the commissioner seats on this year’s ballot is for District 1 between incumbent Gayle Degler and challenger Lisa Anderson.  Both graciously agreed to be on the podcast together in a Q & A format to discuss their respective visions and objectives for running.  We had some challenges with the recording as Gayle was heading to a funeral in South Dakota and did the interview from his car in a gas station parking lot so occasionally the audio falls off.  I appreciated both candidates patience and good nature muddling through and I had some editing help smoothing out the rough edges as best we could.  
Please take some time and research the candidates for all the positions on this year’s ballot.  Vision, leadership and courage are in short supply and without it, our elected officials will fail us.  Many large organizations continue to profit by sowing the seeds of discontent and we can no longer afford to simply be disengaged or uniformed about our communities.  The stakes are too high. 

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