Bob Moeller, talks about a life of service and creating a safe place to run

Bob Moeller has been a major driving force behind the biking/ walking trails that connect several cities in Carver County. What started out as a response to the frustration from getting run off the road by irritated and/or distracted drivers has become a serious group of citizens committed to making Carver County a place where people can walk, run or bike between the cities and connect to amazing regional trails. Bob along with many other residents have become a major force after starting out as a small ad-hoc group trying to advance something they all thought would be a huge benefit to our area. Quality of life, economic benefits for local businesses and a places for residents to fulfill our ranking as Minnesota’s Healthiest County, are outcomes of years of work. (I love this about our area that a small group of committed citizens working with local government, property owners and businesses can have a profound long term positive impact for years to come.)

Bob and his wife Sharon have been active volunteers and leaders in a wide variety of service initiatives, so much so that several years ago, they were jointly awarded the “George C. Klein, Service Above Self Award”, something that had never been done jointly before or since. Both Sharon and Bob are two of the kindest, most competent, humble people you’ll ever meet. Please enjoy our talk.

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